OLIVIA JOHNSTON is an artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She is currently the Photographic History Instructor at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa, and was a finalist for the RBC Emerging Artist Award in 2017. Her work in lens-based media includes photo-based and multimedia work; Johnston makes use of numerous genres, including studio portraiture, self-portraiture, landscape, and still life, to explore and question gender, the body, beauty, vulnerability, memory, art history, and the photographic image itself.

Her work has been displayed nationally, including in Ottawa's Nuit Blanche, as a part of the City of Ottawa’s collection, and in the largest photography event in the world, the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto. She has also shown her work internationally, in New York, NY; Portland, OR; Saint-Louis, Senegal; and London, England. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including in NU Magazine (Montreal), Herd Magazine (Ottawa), the Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa), and Applied Arts Magazine (Toronto). 


artist headshot by Neeko Paluzzi